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The Strongest Souls Are The Ones Who Suffer In Silence

This is most probably the best thing I’ve read today…



The double edged sword

Do you remember

How you said you’d fall in love with me

Do you remember

When how you walked away before you said you can’t stay any longer

Do you remember how much I cried

And how hard you tried

To tell and convince me it’s best this way

But u so conveniently forgot

The sword you stabbed yourself with

Was a double edged one

That when you killed our relationship

You stabbed us both and now as we die apart yet together…

You’ll remember everything we could have been, would have been

And you’ll also remember everything we are not….



The clocks didn’t tick

The smile hurts

The laughter fades

The dreams broke

The life dull

The day boring

The food tasteless

My heart, broke.

Memories fresh

Tears anew

Pain renewed

When you said don’t text or call

When you said you wished I loved you

When you didn’t yet know that all through

My heart was there with you…

Your words pierced a hole in my heart

And then you left without knowing that you had left no heart more broken than yours πŸ’”

A Goodbye that is finally a goodbye

We all have been at that point of time in life where we bid adeiu to something that was once dear to us and as time ticks… The dull ache fades away. Tears stop dripping down the eyes… The broken heart slowly starts to heal. The smiles get more genuine and the laughter gets carefree…

We all have been there and done that. And today here is my one goodbye that is finally a goodbye.

Two years ago, I waited restlessly as the clock ticked off to begin a new day. That new day was a day that began the start of new year in his life… It was his birthday. Even though we were a million miles apart and in different timezones, I had wished him the world. Just like anyone in love would be…. Happiness has reached new bounds. All for that smile which typed back a thank you message.

A year ago, as we moved on with our lives, I still did make a wish. Wishing him the happiness of the world. The heart slowly detached from that perfect fairytale. The dreams got more practical. People all around me came into my view, which I once had only for him….

And today, the calendar pinged me with his birthday reminder. I wished him a happy birthday. There wasn’t any hearts or gifts or love. It was just a wish for a friend and that was that. At one point of time, I had described him as the entire universe and today he is just one among the 7.2 billion. I had once promised myself that when I said goodbye I’d mean it. I didn’t back then. ..

But today, I do. Wholeheartedly, I’d be happy to see you life your life to the fullest and I’m more than happy to move on with mine….



Girls, hold your head high…

Every girl has had an incident that she might mostly likely revisit to see what she could have said or done that might have been better an option than what already was. But guess what girls, “the past is in the past”

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The Truth

This is the truth known by every girl who has had her heart broken… Or even by any guy..

For all of us, no matter how hard move on. And we do realise that some people just don’t want to be with us “and that’s that.”

❀ SK

Beauty & The Beast

“A tale as old as time… A song as old as a rhyme… Beauty and the Beast.

In a world of fantasy, we all choose to fall in love with the Prince. But once in a blue moon, even great beautiful fairytales teach us, its not always the maiden but sometimes the Prince who needs the saving.

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100 following…😘😇

Hey guys…

I was in for an amazing surprise today morning…. Exactly typing, a few min ago…🎇🎉🎊🎆

Yipeeeeeeeeee….. 🎆🎇🎉🎊

To all those who’ve there with me, thank you. I’m really elated and there are baby steps towards being a successful blogger….

Love all you guys so much! 😘❀❀



“You’re the light…You’re the night…you’re the color of my blood”

Amidst the silence of the dark skies, the only light from a twinkling star is enough to give you hope. That inspite of the darkness…. A single flame of hope will show you the road…. That inspire of the cold… A single flame of hope will give you the warmth… That inspite of being a solitary soul… A single flame of hope will be your companion.

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